I’ve always loved grapes. Red grapes, specifically. And I’ve also apparently always had very little self control when it comes to eating (please refer to someone familiar with the Olive Garden catastrophe). My Aunt Ellen used to tell a story from when I was 3 and someone made the mistake of setting a bowl of grapes in front of me. I proceeded with my greedy little hands to shove every single grape in that bowl into my mouth, cheeks blown out like a squirrel that just hit the acorn jackpot. My aunt was presumably at this point mentally preparing herself for a trip to the hospital and the subsequent explanatory/apologetic conversation with my father. However, no ambulance was ever called. I calmly tackled (read: chewed? Did I have molars?) my mouth full of grapes slowly and methodically until the whole glorious assemblage had made its way down my gullet.

The point being…?

Since I was little, I’ve had a knack for taking on projects that were seemingly more than I could manage. I say seemingly, because it’s really all in how you look at it. So I have a bit of a habit of taking on commitments that are pretty daunting. But I usually find a way to make it work.

When I first discovered the endless possibilities of digital nomadism and freelance blogging, I feverishly consumed all the blog posts (ironic) and articles I could. Like an over-ambitious college freshman at their first activities fair, I pinned every “Top 10 tips for how to market yourself as a freelancer” post, signed up for multiple newsletters and created accounts on far too many freelancing/job-searching websites for one person to ever sanely keep track of. I envisioned myself traveling the world whilst juggling professional translation, data entry, blogging about my #solofemaletravel adventures and writing haikus along the way. Not to say that isn’t all possible… I’m just outlining how violently I threw myself into this new, shiny possibility.

Somewhere along that line, I convinced myself that purchasing my own website domain name was an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL step to achieving my goals. This likely had to do with multiple freelance bloggers who are sponsored to convince me of this combined with my horribly-timed yearly reveling-in-the-glory of my most recent tax return.

*Insert clip of $$dolla bills$$ raining down here*

It also had to do with the fact that I was ridiculously proud and a little paranoid of the cutest blog name EVER that I had recently though up all on my own: Pastries and Postcards. Yes that is hyperlinked ๐Ÿ˜‰ (bc Freelancer tip numero uno = MARKET YO’SELF and also I need practice). WHAT if someone else ALSO saw pastries and postcards as her top two travel motivations and wanted to tell the world about it and stole my website name!!!!!!

Now your own self-owned website with all the cool tricks is an awesome tool for those who already have a solid clientele and are looking to grow their brand. Or those who maybe know more than jack sh!t about website design. But seeing as I fall into exactly neither of those categories, buying my own website domain was *maybe* a bit of an impulsive reaction to a heightened sense of “I CAN DO ANYTHING IF I PUT MY MIND AND LIMITED MONEY TO IT.”

I realized this after browsing through several travel bloggers’ website/blogs (what even IS the difference? new goal: find out) for inspiration and realizing my favorite one, due to its elegant and simple design, was one hosted on the “only for beginners”, “limited possibilities”, read: FREE domain, wordpress.com.


So.ย What do I do now? Do I go back and start from the more basic, beginner level, using the easy-to-follow tools they provide to get a handle on things first? Or do I just dive right in to the big time and tackle real website design all at once because eventually *hopefully* that’s where I’d end up anyways?

Cast your votes by messaging me on facebook and telling me how much of an idiot I am.


A haiku about my most recent predicament:

I bought a website.
It isn’t nearly as hip
as that zoo movie.