I’m still “figuring out” WordPress – it’s an ongoing, dynamic process and I will continue to update this post with simple summaries as I learn more! Follow along and learn with me! 🙂

Some important beginners’ blog terms:

Plugin – I like to think of these as system updates. They are the attachments that you “plug in” to your blog that come with lots of cool new functions (widgets). Just be careful because too many plugins can weigh down your blog, slowing its functionality. Kind of like plugging too many appliances into a wall socket. Don’t blow your circuits!
Widget – These are the fun applications that you get to use all over your blog to personalize its appearance and add different functions for your readers! Some widgets come automatically with your theme, others you can get by installing new plugins. Plugins usually come with multiple widgets, but occasionally someone will write a specific plugin just to provide a specific widget.
Social Sharing/Social Media Sharing – Allows readers to share your blog content to THEIR social media pages. Helps spread the word about your blog and bring your content to new readers!
Social Media/Follow Me – These allow you to place buttons on your blog so your readers can connect and jump to YOUR social media pages! This brings traffic to your other social media sites, but remember that it is also guiding/transferring readers AWAY from your blog content!

Common questions:

Do I need plugins for every widget? NO! You can create lots of widgets just by plugging the code into an empty text widget. “But I’m no computer science whiz!” LOL you and me both, babe. Luckily there are tons of people who ARE and who have very generously posted the text codes for specific widgets for you to copy and paste to your heart’s content  (smiley with hearts in eyes).

Bless you, generous tech whizzes.