A while back, someone shared an article on facebook about mental health. In the caption of her shared post, she apologized for being repetitive in regards to sharing information and advocating for mental health awareness. This was what I wrote in response:

Sometimes, repetitive gets a bad rep. But repetitive can be a great thing, too. Talking about mental illness IS repetitive: repetitive, like hearing I love you every morning. Repetitive like seeing the leaves come out on the trees every spring. Repetitive like how the smell of fresh-baked cookies as you walk into the kitchen NEVER seems to get old. So while you might feel like you’re repeating yourself, I think that repetition should be seen in the best light. Raising awareness about mental illness and all the resources available, on campus and within our own lives, isn’t just repetitive; it’s constructive. It’s supportive. It’s encouraging, effective and beneficial. If people don’t want to read what you have to say they don’t have to – and it’s their loss. You’re spreading awareness about a disease that can make waking up every morning, putting a smile on your face and the prospect of life itself seem repetitive. In my opinion, continuing to share about it is the best, most worthwhile kind of repetitive there is.